About Dr Hilary

Dr Hilary Maitland BA (Hons) MA (Hons) PhD (Clin Psych) MAPS is a Clinical Psychologist practicing in the public and private sectors on the South Coast of New South Wales. She specialises in working with children and their families. Hilary sees children for lots of different issues. She sees children who have suffered significant trauma, children dealing with the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder, children struggling with their emotions, others who are adjusting to significant family changes, those who are having difficulty getting on with others, and children who are experiencing grief and loss to name a few. She also provides counselling, training and support for their carers.

Hilary works within an attachment focused approach which recognises the importance of the relationship children have with their carers and the positive impact strengthening this has on helping children work through the challenges they face successfully.

Hilary also sees adults dealing with life challenges such as, living with chronic pain, anxiety and depression and adjusting to significant changes.

Hilary is particularly interested in providing resources for children and adults that contain information and ideas to promote wellness and build resilience.