Mindfulness-Keeping going when motivation fades


Motivation often gets us started on the journey to make changes in our lives. When motivated we may even be excited about what we are embarking on. We can’t rely on motivation to keep going….motivation will fade.

Ways to develop the habit of bringing mindfulness into your day:

  1. Make a commitment to yourself to bring mindfulness into your day
  2. Be compassionate and kind to yourself in whatever you do
  3. Plan what you would like to do
  4. Begin small – mindfulness is about being present in this present moment- this can be for a few seconds to as long as you like
  5. Try practices that fit with you
  6. Motivation will waver-stay committed even when you “don’t feel like it”
  7. Rely on your plan rather than your motivation
  8. Have prompts around you….at home…. at work…. on you…. on your phone…..to remind you to …breath… notice
  9. Everyone will get busy and we all put off what we were going to do when we get busy. When you notice being mindful has seemed to have disappeared from your day or your weeks or however long it has been….take a pause and begin again….and you can begin again as many times as you need to …..
  10. When you are tempted to give up begin again