Life can get very busy. It is easy when there are lots of things to do to become focused on how we are going to squeeze it all into our day. This often means there is little or no time to do the things that we find relaxing and rejuvenating. Before long we can begin to feel pressured, “stressed”, tired and even exhausted. Finding things we enjoy doing that are relaxing is important for our wellbeing. So is deliberately setting aside time to do them.

You may have things you already do to relax. Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a relaxation practice that you might like to add to what you already do. Progressive Muscle Relaxation uses our own ability to tense our muscles and then release this tension to develop the ability to release the physical tension in our muscles so we can relax our body. By practising this regularly we can get quite good at noticing tension in our muscles and then releasing it. Here is a simple Progressive Muscle Relaxation audio to try.


Progressive Muscle Relaxation 6 M 32 s

Relaxation Using Our Imagination.

Here are some audios that use our imagination to help us to relax.

Rainforest Walk 7 M 43 s
Solitary Rainforest Walk 6 M 32 s
 Beach Walk 5 M 43 s