Helpful Mindfulness Audio Guides for Adults and Older Teens

Below is a selection of Audio files to help you develop your Mindfulness skills.  Check this page regularly for additions and improved audio quality. While these guides have been developed for adults some of them may be suitable for younger people in high school. Practicing regularly is encouraged.

Audio Decription Duration (Mins) Audio File Download
Mindful Breathing 2
Mindful Breathing 5
A Mindful Pause 1
Mindfulness of Your Surroundings 3.5
Seated Body Scan 7.5
Noticing what my body does as I breathe 3
Mindful Movement 4

Below are some longer versions that allow more time for you to practice.

Mindful Breathing 5,10,15 or 20
Mindfulness of your surroundings 5.5
Noticing what my body does as I breathe 5


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