Mindfulness audios for kids and young teens

Just like adults, children and teenagers can benefit from being mindful and developing mindfulness skills. We can take any opportunity to practice mindfulness with our children. These times can be short, and the activities can be fun and easy to do. Children are more likely to enjoy doing these activities when they do them with others rather than on their own. However, as children get use to practicing mindfulness skills they are more likely to do these activities at other times themselves.

Families are usually pretty busy and finding time to add in something else can be challenging. One way to begin practicing mindfulness skills with our children regularly is to set aside a short time, eg 5 to 10 minutes at a time of day that is convenient. Just before bedtime might be one possibility. Another way is to set aside a time each day when we can do the activity as a family.  Practicing these activities together help our children see mindfulness as a normal part of everyday life that is important enough to spend time doing regularly.

The added benefit is that as we practice this with our children we will be developing our mindfulness practice as well!

Below is a selection of Audio files to help kids develop Mindfulness skills.  Check this page regularly for additions and improved audio quality.


Audio Decription Duration (Mins) Audio File Download
My Amazing Body-What My Body Does Everytime I Breathe 3
Noticing My Breathing Wherever I Am 1
Rock My Breathing Buddy 3
Shake, Wiggle and Notice How My Body Moves 3
Mindful Breathing For Primary and early teens 3.5

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