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Pause and take a slow breath

No matter where we are or how busy we are it only takes seconds to pause….and take a slow breath. Each time we do this we are on our way to create a new healthy habit.

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Strengthening our relationship with our children

We live in a very busy world. There are usually many things competing for our time and attention. Our relationships with others are fundamental to who we are and who they are. Those of us who are parents can do

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New relaxation audios

Check out the new relaxation  audios. Beach Walk and two versions of a Rainforest Walk at our Relaxation page

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Journey in Mindfulness

Sitting this morning on my verada with a glimpse of the sea, trees, birds and a sense of stillness around me I reflected on my mindfulness/meditation journey. I have only been deliberately taking time to meditate for a short time,

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Each Day is a New Beginning

It’s so easy to get caught up in what happened yesterday….something that is past and can’t be changed. A lot of energy can go into this. Energy and effort we could put into today. So when I am tempted to

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Relationships are precious

Relationships with others are the most important thing in our lives. We cannot exist without them. Something to think about….

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New beginnings

This morning as I was watching sunrise I thought about new beginnings. It is so easy to get stuck being critical of what we have done or things we think we should have done. Focusing on lost opportunities with all

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What’s new on the Relaxation Page

Just added the “Rainforest Walk” visualisation. More visualisations to come soon.

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Put some playfulness in your day

Life can get very  serious. We need balance. Enjoy the benefits of being playful today.

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Now is a good time to begin

It’s easy for me to put things off, especially things that I suspect may be challenging. Not starting may be a way to avoid the risk of failing at something. But not starting means we risk missing the feeling we

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