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Each Day is a New Beginning

It’s so easy to get caught up in what happened yesterday….something that is past and can’t be changed. A lot of energy can go into this. Energy and effort we could put into today. So when I am tempted to

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New beginnings

This morning as I was watching sunrise I thought about new beginnings. It is so easy to get stuck being critical of what we have done or things we think we should have done. Focusing on lost opportunities with all

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Now is a good time to begin

It’s easy for me to put things off, especially things that I suspect may be challenging. Not starting may be a way to avoid the risk of failing at something. But not starting means we risk missing the feeling we

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Each day is a new beginning

I love watching sunrise. Everyone is unique and signals the beginning of a new day. Each day is full of possibilities and opportnities….A few moments is all it takes to notice them. Opportunities to smile…be playful…spend time with those you

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Every day provides new opportunities

It’s so easy to be critical of myself. I think we all do this at some point. For me it is often when I have not done something I feel I should have done. I wonder how much time gets

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