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Pause and take a slow breath

No matter where we are or how busy we are it only takes seconds to pause….and take a slow breath. Each time we do this we are on our way to create a new healthy habit.

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Each day is a new beginning

I love watching sunrise. Everyone is unique and signals the beginning of a new day. Each day is full of possibilities and opportnities….A few moments is all it takes to notice them. Opportunities to smile…be playful…spend time with those you

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Into the new year

Well a new year has begun and I have been thinking about the whole idea of “new year resolutions”. I stopped making these a long time ago since I never managed to achieve them. It wasn’t that they weren’t worthwhile

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Mindfulness amidst the busy time of Christmas

Christmas is such a busy time and can end up being incredibly stressful for people. I have just celebrated Christmas Day with some of my family and friends and today I will spend time with others in my family.  Today

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Precious Moments

Sitting under the tree listening to all the  variety of birdsounds this morning,  there is a sense of “silence”. Others don’t seem to be out and about yet so it seems like it is only me here. I am very

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Why I like early morning

Sunrise today. Something to watch mindfully.

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Being able to relax is important for our wellbeing. Try out the simple Progressive Muscle Relaxation audio here.

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