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New relaxation audios

Check out the new relaxation  audios. Beach Walk and two versions of a Rainforest Walk at our Relaxation page

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What’s new on the Relaxation Page

Just added the “Rainforest Walk” visualisation. More visualisations to come soon.

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Put some playfulness in your day

Life can get very  serious. We need balance. Enjoy the benefits of being playful today.

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Choosing how we use our time

Things become hectic so easily. It is easy to get swept away in the midst of all the demands on us. So often I hear myself and others comment “That’s important and I want to do that when I get

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Pause, breathe, notice

Deliberately pausing what we’re doing, taking a full breath in, breathing it out again and noticing our surroundings is one way to bring mindful moments into each day.      

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Being playful-essential for adults and kids

As kids we were always playful whenever we had a chance. As adults we can often get busy and let this important part of our lives slip. As busy parents it is easy to see playing with our children as

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Examining our priorities

Sometimes there are so many things needing my attention that it is easy to rush into these that mindfulness gets pushed aside. It may not get seen as very high in the list of all the other priorities. But I’m

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Start Early-Children can learn mindfulness from a very early age

Children are amazing! They are born ready to grow and develop and learn. Children learn through their experiences. They explore their world within the relationships they have with those who care for them. They love exploring, playing and having fun.

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Improved audios

Check the audios regularly for improved quality and additions. I have been revamping the colouring pages and hope to have them up in their new format in  the next couple of days.

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Focusing on our wellbeing

Everyday can get really busy. There is always something to do or someone needing our attention. Days can go by without doing something we find relaxing and enjoyable. It is really important to remember to nurture our wellbeing. By making

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