Month: September 2015

Encouraging ourselves as we try new things and develop healthy habits

View some sayings that can help encourage our mindfulness journey here.

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Being able to relax is important for our wellbeing. Try out the simple Progressive Muscle Relaxation audio here.

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Improved audios

I have just edited and improved most of the mindfulness audios for both adults and kids. I’m hoping to add some new audios soon.

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Understanding early trauma and supporting the healing process

Just added some links for those interested in finding out more about the impact of childhood trauma and how to support the healing process. Click here

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Fun stuff

I love making things and doing craft activities. There are so many fun activities for kids to try that you can buy. I’ve also discovered there are lots of fun things we can do with everyday household ingredients and things

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Strengthening Relationships with our children

Helping our children develop a secure attachment with us is very important. Lots of different things we do as parents and carers will contribute to this. Click on the link here to have a look at what I call attachment

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Autism, Sensory Processing Issues and Social Skills Resources

You will find a list of some useful resources in relation to supporting children with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder and other sensory issues, and difficulty with social skills by clicking here.

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Like birds flying in and out of a tree

I always enjoy sitting watching the birds and today, even though it was overcast I had the opportunity to watch some tiny birds, flying in and settling on a branch in a tree outside my window and then flying off

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Mindfulness even when it isn’t going the way we hoped

My favourite place to be mindful I prefer to sit where it is quiet (apart from nature sounds) out in the sun early in the morning. Sometimes it does not end up like this-there will be other sounds and things

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Great Video

Great Youtube Sesame Street Video- catchy tune about belly breathing and emotions. Listen to it a few times and you will be singing along too!

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