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Mindfulness is paying attention to what we are experiencing just as it is in the present moment.

Pause and take a slow breath

No matter where we are or how busy we are it only takes seconds to pause….and take a slow breath. Each time we do this we are on our way to create a new healthy habit.

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Journey in Mindfulness

Sitting this morning on my verada with a glimpse of the sea, trees, birds and a sense of stillness around me I reflected on my mindfulness/meditation journey. I have only been deliberately taking time to meditate for a short time,

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Each Day is a New Beginning

It’s so easy to get caught up in what happened yesterday….something that is past and can’t be changed. A lot of energy can go into this. Energy and effort we could put into today. So when I am tempted to

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New beginnings

This morning as I was watching sunrise I thought about new beginnings. It is so easy to get stuck being critical of what we have done or things we think we should have done. Focusing on lost opportunities with all

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Each day is a new beginning

I love watching sunrise. Everyone is unique and signals the beginning of a new day. Each day is full of possibilities and opportnities….A few moments is all it takes to notice them. Opportunities to smile…be playful…spend time with those you

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Into the new year

Well a new year has begun and I have been thinking about the whole idea of “new year resolutions”. I stopped making these a long time ago since I never managed to achieve them. It wasn’t that they weren’t worthwhile

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Mindfulness amidst the busy time of Christmas

Christmas is such a busy time and can end up being incredibly stressful for people. I have just celebrated Christmas Day with some of my family and friends and today I will spend time with others in my family.  Today

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Precious Moments

Sitting under the tree listening to all the  variety of birdsounds this morning,  there is a sense of “silence”. Others don’t seem to be out and about yet so it seems like it is only me here. I am very

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Staring each day mindfully – a very small beginning can make a huge difference

Having a few days away from work has given me the opportunity to spend the first part of my day with a mindful practice. The one I like best is just sitting, breathing, sometimes with eyes closed and sometimes with

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Start Early-Children can learn mindfulness from a very early age

Children are amazing! They are born ready to grow and develop and learn. Children learn through their experiences. They explore their world within the relationships they have with those who care for them. They love exploring, playing and having fun.

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