Mindfulness even when it isn’t going the way we hoped

My favourite place to be mindful

I prefer to sit where it is quiet (apart from nature sounds) out in the sun early in the morning. Sometimes it does not end up like this-there will be other sounds and things happening that I can s0metimes see as interupting my practice. This morning I had the sunny spot, the warmth of the sun on my skin, amazing bird calls around me AND in the background the sound of the TV someone else was watching.

I am not a fan of the TV as background noise at any time. I was about to get up and try to block out the sound when I decided to stick with it just as it was. Why? It reminded me that sticking with it rather than trying to get rid of it was what mindfulness is all about.I’m wondering if this happens for you sometimes.

Why don’t you join me, keep going and experience what is actually in the present moment-all those parts of the experience we often see as interupting or making it hard for us to focus or even “spoiling” our practice.

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