Like birds flying in and out of a tree

I always enjoy sitting watching the birds and today, even though it was overcast I had the opportunity to watch some tiny birds, flying in and settling on a branch in a tree outside my window and then flying off again. Being overcast there were not may birds coming and going. Some mornings it is much busier with lots of different birds flying in and out, landing for a while and heading off again. And when it is busy the sounds of the birds can be incredibly noisy.

As I was watching it reminded me of what my thoughts are like- they come and go without me having to do anything. A bit like the birds in the tree. Sometimes I might notice a few thoughts coming and going while other times there can be so many coming and going it gets “noisy” just like those mornings when it seems like all the birds have decided to settle in the tree outside my window at once! Sometimes thoughts pop in and out of my mind quite quickly while other times they stay for a while, they leave, and they may come back again over and over…..just like the birds in the tree.

I especially notice this happening when I pause to notice what is happening in the present moment, in my mindfulness practices. It helps to remember my thoughts are like those birds, coming and going from the tree- I can notice them as they come and go with curiosity just as  the birds come and go from the tree..


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