Mindfulness amidst the busy time of Christmas

Christmas is such a busy time and can end up being incredibly stressful for people. I have just celebrated Christmas Day with some of my family and friends and today I will spend time with others in my family.  Today sitting outside early I happened to look up at the sky. This morning everything was quiet and still and the clouds looked as if they were peacefully floating, almost resting in the sky.  As I watched I was reminded of the possibility that there can be stillnesss even at the most busiest times.

It always amazes me that when I’m not looking for something I will often find something -like the clouds for me today. Taking time to look and notice what is there doesn’t take anytime out of what I’m doing. But I need to look with the intention of seeing.

Often we just don’t notice what is there because when we are busy we almost do things “automatically”. Today there will be many opportunities to be mindful and really notice what we are doing, who we are with, and all those other things that in the midst of a busy time we can miss.


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