Into the new year

Well a new year has begun and I have been thinking about the whole idea of “new year resolutions”. I stopped making these a long time ago since I never managed to achieve them. It wasn’t that they weren’t worthwhile goals to achieve, they all were, but for one reason or another I started out enthusiastically and then other things got in the way.

Despite this, beginning a new year is as good a time as any to think about what I would like to achieve this year and how I plan to go about it. I also know that for me setting goals and achieving them is more likely to be successful if I set small realistic goals that I know I can do. This sounds simple but it still takes planning to make this work.

I also know that I need to incorporate what I am going to do to achieve my goals into what I do each day so I can do it. This is challenging sometimes since there are always lots of things that come up and shout out for my immediate attention and it is so easy to get side tracked by these. So how do I deal with this?

One way is to start really small and view making changes as developing new healthier habits gradually, one small step at a time

We can do this for almost anything including food choices, exercise, playing with our kids, relaxation, catching up with friends and family, hobbies, work, sport, developing mindfulness…….

So let’ts give it a go!

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