Start Early-Children can learn mindfulness from a very early age

Children are amazing! They are born ready to grow and develop and learn. Children learn through their experiences. They explore their world within the relationships they have with those who care for them. They love exploring, playing and having fun. Within this context we can begin to do things with them that will introduce “mindfulness” in fun and simple ways. Doing activities with our children where they copy us is a great place to start. Belly breathing (hands on belly while you breath)is something children can get the hang of  when they do it regularly with you. Lying down and breathing with a soft toy (rock your buddy) can be enjoyed as a fun thing to “play” with you and doing it regularly young children are again introduced to mindful breathing in an enjoyable and fun way. Spending time exploring in the garden looking closely at what they see is another way of being mindful with kids. Starting early and doing things regularly means they develop into habits-healthy habits that build resilience and support emotional regulation. Doing it together with you means it strengthens their relationship with you as well helping them develop secure attachments. Parents, grandparents, carers, teachers, day care staff, baby sitters……everyone can play their part in helping kids develop mindfulness practices.

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