Hi and welcome

Hi this is Hilary and welcome to our website. I’m pretty excited about writing my first post.

I’m hoping you will find ideas and resources you can try out easily. I’ve been experimenting with putting my own audios together and plan to keep adding more, available here and for children here.

I’m hoping you will try out the mindfulness audios and journal. Print out the simple Journal to record what you try and what you notice. Keeping a journal will let you see how your  practice progresses over time. I like the idea of writing down stuff I notice when I practice and then being able to read over it later. Even when I have had long gaps between each practice I find it encouraging to remember what was important about each mindfulness practice.

When to practice?-any time is fine.  I prefer to do my practice at sunrise (yep, I’m one of those people who are excited to get up to see the sun rise!). Late at night is no good for me. If I try late at night before bedtime I’m also one of those people who are blessed with being able to fall asleep doing almost anything….including my mindfulness practices!

You have probably noticed recently in book stores a number of amazing books with beautifully drawn pictures to colour in. These are for everyone not just kids. Since I enjoy being creative I am experimenting with creating my own colouring sheets that I hope you might like to use. Children who enjoy colouring will enjoy using these colouring sheets as well.Colouring is calming and another way of bringing mindfulness into your day. My lastest set of drawings are available here. Keep checking for new additions to the collection of colouring pages.



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