Resources I’ve tried out

Hi I have been looking for free resources to help develop my mindfulness practices. Here are some I have tried you might like to try out too:

Audios for different ages from children and adults. It is now available as an App for both iPhone and Android phone/tablets

This event happens annually in May. Developed as a way for people to commit to developing mindfulness by providing resources (mindfulness practices, audios, guest speakers on You Tube and much more) and also fund raise for a worthwhile cause. There is a small cost to register but no pressure to do any fund raising. The resources keep coming via email all month.

I have participated in this 2 years in a row and I thought it was brilliant!

Audios and information about meditation. There is also a book you can buy.

Apps: There are a lot of Apps available for both iPhone and Android phones that are free or inexspensive.

Ones I have found useful:

Insight Timer (for both iPhone and Android)

I love this one since it provides those great singing bowl sounds to begin and end your time with and also allows you to set these up for different time periods. There is a journal and also it keeps a record of what you have done and for how long. There are also meditations you can listen to.


Breathe2Relax (for both iPhone and Android)

A great visual to help regulate breathing.


Qi Gong Meditation (for Android)

Different meditations for children and adults and mindfulness resources.


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