Noticing Opportunities

We all get really busy. It is so easy to think we don’t have time to stop and be in the present moment. So we put off being mindful until we have more time. Unfortunately that time when we will have more time doesn’t seem to arrive. I wonder what would happen if we looked for opportunities to pause, even if it is very brief (enough time to take 2 or 3 mindful breaths) to be mindful.  I started doing this by using time I needed to wait for someone to practice mindful breathing. Like when I’m waiting for someone to meet me for coffee…or I’m sitting waiting to see my GP or my dentist or I arrive early for a meeting. What I have noticed is that once I started doing this I began to look for these opportunities. Even the way I look at things is changing. So time I would have seen as wasted is now useful. Even my emotions are changing-instead of being frustrated or annoyed that I have to wait I’m beginning to enjoy having the time to practice my mindful breathing! Try it and see what happens.















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